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oh you better not to.

"Sad, mad, depressed, insane, unhappy, anxiety, suicidal, cry, hate, cut, pressure, numbed, insecure,judgment, self- conscious, anti-me, society, nervous, helpless, empty, panic attack, I  crave U, I love U, It’s killing Me, U killed me"


"I’m not going to lie I’m feeling kind of shy,
Cannot force a smile no matter how hard I try,
Instead I sit and worry how I look and what I say,
I worry that I worry every minute of every day,
What concerns me are wars and the environment,
And when pay day arrives how much I’ve already spent,
Fashion makes me dizzy it changes so fast,
I thought leggings were a thing of the past,
I joined a gym once but then it burnt down,
So my legs are getting wobbly and my belly’s getting round,
I can’t cook but one day I’ll learn,
I wish I were more confident I wish I were firm,
I don’t like change but I do like surprises,
I’m jealous of all those early risers,
I sleep far too long but still feel tired,
I’m always running late which once got me fired,
When I get nervous my face turns red,
I worry my mates wish they knew someone else,
I do not like the internet and rarely use the phone,
But I hate my own company, I hate to be alone,
I can’t help thinking that life ain’t easy,
It’s a rollercoaster which can make us queasy,
But I have my health and Brighton’s my home,
I shouldn’t feel sad, shouldn’t feel alone.”


if i don’t talk to myself who will

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I think my selfie problem is getting out of hand..

This deserves at least a thousand notes !!

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I’m actually crying now.

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Animals With Unusual Fur Markings [bp]

Previously: Cats Sitting Like HumansBunnies Sticking Their Tongues Out

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WiFi: connected
Me: then fucking act like it

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noddin’ ma head like yea


movin’ ma hips like h*ck yea


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Originality is not dead

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i was confident for like 2 minutes one time

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